myGCC Quick Guide

About myGCC

myGCC is your window to online services at Germanna Community College and any other Virginia Community College. You can access the Student Information System (SIS), Blackboard, and Student Email using a common username and password.

The Student Technical Help Desk is the place to come with questions you have about using online systems at Germanna.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can enroll online?

Continuing students who have enrolled within the past three years in good academic standing who have no debts to the college or other holds.

New degree students who have completed the required Compass ESL and/or Virginia Placement Test (VPT) testing and/or have met with a college advisor.

What information do I need to register online?

  • Your Username and Password. You will need your Social Security number and date of birth to locate your username
  • The list of classes you want to register for
  • To pay online, use your Master Card, Visa, American Express or e-check

How do I lookup my username?

  1. Log Into myGCC
  2. Click on Forgot Username to look up
  3. Click on I’m not a robot and CONTINUE
  4. Click on the squares requested and click NEXT
  5. Complete requested information click NEXT

How do I set/re-set my password?

  1. Log onto myGCC
  2. Click on Forgot Password
  3. Enter your user name.  If you do  not know, use the advanced password reset tool
  4. Answer your three security questions, If you do not have security questions set, please use the advance password reset tool or contact your local helpdesk 
  5. After successfully answering questions, enter and verify new password following password security standards.
  6. Click Return to sign in page and use your new password to sign in

Where can I register off campus?

Any computer that has access to the Internet can be used.

Where can I register Online on campus?

To register online at the college, visit the Library or Academic Computing Center depending on the location or any of the Welcome Centers.

Daniel Technology Center
(540) 937 – 2922 – ACC/Library Room 206

Fredericksburg Area Campus
(540) 891 – 3015 (1st floor of the Library)

Locust Grove Campus
(540) 423 – 9145 – ACC – Room 204

Stafford County Center
(540) 288 – 8846

For more information visit the Academic Computing Centers webpage

To register in-person please see the Welcome Center at any campus.

How can I get additional assistance?

Look online at the Admissions webpage for help.

What should I do prior to enrolling in a class?

  1. Attend a New Student Orientation
  2. Be sure that you have completed any required placement testing
  3. Be advised by a college advisor if you are a new degree student
  4. Plan your schedule
  5. Write the Class Numbers and other information down for a quick reference while using SIS

How do I Start using SIS?

  1. Log in to myGCC
  2. Select SIS from the menu
  3. Click Student Center

Once in Student Center following instructions below:

How do I check for open classes?

  1. Click Search for classes
  2. Choose Institution and Term
  3. Enter at least two search criteria
  4. (Course Subject and Course Number).
  5. Click Search or click Additional Search Criteria 

How do I register for classes?

  1. Click Enroll
  2. Select Term by clicking radio button next to term
  3. To search for classes click Continue
  4. If you know the Class Nbr type it & click Enter.  If not, click Search & fill in the necessary class information & click Search
  5. Locate the class of choice & click Select Class
  6. Click Next (it will be added to the shopping cart).
  7. Click Proceed to step 2 of 3
  8. Click Finish Enrolling

How do I drop classes?

  1. Click Enroll
  2. Click Drop
  3. Click Term then Continue
  4. Select courses to be dropped
  5. Click Drop Selected Classes
  6. Click Finish Dropping
  7. Verify your schedule by clicking on My Class Schedule

How do I view my class schedule?

  1. Select My Class Schedule in the drop down menu under Academics
  2. Select Term click Continue

How do I find my advisor?

  1. In the far right column on the bottom your Advisor’s name/phone number will be listed.
  2. Click Details to view more information & get an email link to your advisor

How do I pay for classes?

1.    Click  Go to QuikPAY

a.   This will bring you to the QuikPAY Application & you will land on the QuikPAY Message Board.

2.    Set up a Payment Profile

a.    On the left hand navigation menu click Payment Profiles

b.    Select to add a Credit/Debit Card Profile or eCheck Profile

c.    Enter a name to identify your payment profile

d.    Enter the requested payment information

e.    Save

3.    Make a Payment

a.    Click Make a Payment

b.    Your current balance will appear at the top next to Amount Due

c.    Enter payment amount then click Continue

d.    Enter payment information and click Continue

e.    Confirm the information

f.     Click Confirm again for your payment to process & to get a receipt

Note: For more information on adding another Authorized Payer, email , or to view statements or transactions, view the Paying For College webpage.

How do I check my Financial Aid status?

  1. View your To Do List located in the far right column for required documents
  2. Turn in required documents on the To Do List ASAP
  3. Click View Financial Aid on the left side under Finances
  4. Click the Aid Year  you wish to view

How do I request an official transcript?

  1. Choose Transcript: Request Official From the drop-down box on the left under Academics & click the   >>   button
  2. Choose Germanna Community College
  3. Under Address Information fill in the full address where you would like the Transcript sent
  4. Click Submit

How do I view an unofficial transcript?

  1. Choose Transcript: View Unofficial – from the drop-down box on the left under Academics & click the   >>   button
  2. Choose Germanna Community College
  3. Choose Unofficial Transcript in the Report Type field
  4. Click GO

How do I view an Academics Requirement Report?

  1. Click Academic Requirements from the drop down box on the left under Academics
  2. Click the >> button
  3. For a printer friendly version, click View Report as pdf

How do I check my grades?

  1. Click My Academics located under Academics on the left side
  2. Choose Grades
  3. Click Change Term to view another term

How do I apply for graduation?

  1. Click Apply for Graduation located under Academics on the left side
  2. Choose Proceed with Making Application
  3. Follow prompts
  4. Print out confirmation page

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