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Admissions FAQs

How do I apply to the nursing program?

All prospective students must complete and submit a Pre-Admission Checklist to the Nursing Office to have the required pre-requisites verified by an advisor.

How do I get my physical, certified background check and drug screening for the nursing program?

All students are required to obtain a physical, background check and drug screening before they may attend clinicals for the nursing program. Students may download the physical form and instructions on how to order the certified background check and drug screen from the Nursing Division website. Please note that these requirements must be completed no sooner than 6 months before entering the nursing program.

Additional information about these requirements is communicated to students once they have been officially admitted into the nursing program.

How much does it cost to attend the nursing program?

The following is a list of the estimated expenses for the program but additional expenses may apply.

Estimated Expenses

  • Tuition: Per credit hour. See Schedule of Classes for current tuition
  • Uniform & Shoes $159
  • Liability Insurance $35/ year
  • Stethoscope Approximately $100
  • Nursing Texts $800 – $1,600
  • Lab Supplies $100
  • Background check & Drug screening $124.75
  • Testing & Licensing Applications $725 (includes HESI Curriculum Testing, NCLEX, licensing fees)

I already have a Bachelor/Masters/Associate degree. How can I find out what pre-requisites or courses from the curriculum may be met by my prior degree?

If you have a previous degree or have courses from another school, you will need to submit official transcripts to Admissions and Records for evaluation to find out if these courses will transfer to Germanna or if English or Math placement testing can be waived. You will also need to download and complete the Request for Evaluation of Transcript form and submit it to Admissions and Records to request that your transcripts be evaluated. Transcript evaluation can take 6-8 weeks to complete so submit your transcripts as EARLY as possible. Official transcripts should be submitted to: Admissions and Records

Can I submit my checklist even though I’m still enrolled in a pre-requisite course?

NO. You may NOT submit a Pre-Admission Checklist until all pre-requisites are completed and a final grade is posted. If you submit a checklist while you are still enrolled in a pre-requisite course, it will be returned to you unprocessed. There are NO exceptions to this requirement.

Do I still have to submit my high school transcript if I already have college credits or a previous degree?

YES. All nursing applicants must submit their high school transcript even if they have college credits or a previous degree so that the high school requirements listed on the pre-admission checklist can be verified.

I need to be in a curricular program to receive financial aid but I am still working on the pre-requisites. How can I receive financial aid?

You may declare General Studies as your major while you are waiting to be officially accepted to the nursing program which will allow you to receive financial aid if you qualify.

  • For more information about admission to Germanna Community College view our Admissions Webpage
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