Special announcement

Due to water system failure, Germanna’s Daniel Technology Center in Culpeper will remain closed until further notice. We will provide an updated status on Sunday, Aug. 25th. All other GCC locations will remain open during normal business hours.

Orientation to Nursing and Nursing School

This online orientation site presents content that helps you get familiar to the role of the nurse as a professional in our society, state, region, and community.  It also is designed to acquaint you with the role of the nursing student at Germanna, primarily in the four-semester associate’s degree program and in our community.  It has information on assessing your individual aptitude for the science, technology, and math of Nursing.  It answers questions, such as:

  • Is Nursing for me?
  • What is the Germanna program like?
  • How can I plan on being successful in the program?
  • Will I love Nursing as a career?  Why?
  • What do nurses actually do at work?

Choose Who You Want To Be