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Purpose of High Fidelity Simulation Integration

germanna virrtual hospital simulation integrationIn order to facilitate nursing student’s ability to expand clinical judgment and develop fundamental skills, Germanna Community College has invested in high fidelity simulation as an additional means of educating nursing students.

The human patient simulators (HPS) are computerized human surrogates that are cosmetically realistic and respond physiologically to medical and nursing interventions mimicking a human patient.

The goal of the Germanna nursing program is to prepare nursing students to provide competent care to an increasingly higher acuity of patient care through exposure to managed simulated case scenarios.

Simulation experiences at Germanna range from fundamental skill training to advanced virtual hospital experiences where students are responsible for complete care of selected patients.

Simulation Site Objective

germanna virtual hospital simulation site objectiveThis site provides information regarding high fidelity simulation and its integration in the Germanna Community College Nursing Program.

An orientation to high fidelity simulation presents an overview of the definition, methods, and expected outcomes.

Presenting information regarding high fidelity simulation and curriculum integration is the goal of this information presentation.

Successful incorporation of high fidelity simulation will serve to improve critical thinking skills of nursing students and ultimately improve the healthcare interventions of future nurses.

Contact Information

If you would like further information regarding high fidelity simulation nursing curriculum integration, please contact the Germanna community College Nursing & Allied Health Programs at:

Office Phone: (540) 423-9821

Email Karen Mittura at or

Email Dr. Patti Lisk at