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Pathways are clusters of related courses designed to help students visualize their intended degree program leading to a career. The degree programs in the cluster share careers or required coursework.


Students interested in the fields of business, marketing, accounting, finance or economics would chose this path.  Careers include: store manager, banking industry, accountant, CIA or FBI employee, and marketing director.

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Health Science

Students interested in a Health Science career would choose this path.  In this field, individuals have the opportunity to interact directly with clients/patients and families. Careers include nursing, physical therapist assistant, Dental assistant, Pharmacy technician, Nursing Assistant, Medication Aide, Personal Care Assistant, Health and Physical Education Specialist and Personal Trainer.

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Humanities & Arts

Encompassing courses in English, speech, Spanish, communication design, and other disciplines, this meta major has a two-fold purpose: to provide general education classes which are part of virtually all degree programs at Germanna Community College as well as most transfer programs and to help students focus on careers in graphic arts. Students interested in a career in humanities and arts would choose this career path.

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IT & Technical Studies

Students should pursue this pathway if they are interested in the fields of Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Networking, automotive repair or advanced manufacturing. Careers include: IT Security Analyst, Web Designer, Network Security Technician, Database Administrator, Systems Analyst, Network Engineer, and Help Desk Technician. Other technical careers include advanced manufacturing, automotive diagnostician or automotive technician.

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Public Service

Students interested in public service would choose this pathway. Careers include law enforcement, security guards, FBI, paraprofessional counseling, American Sign Language interpreter, and legal assisting.

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Science & Engineering

Science, Engineering & Math programs offer students training for competitive and lucrative careers in a growing and global economy, preparing them to be on the cutting edge of scientific and technological innovations and research in theory (designing) and practice (building). Students in STEM careers are likely to be engineers, scientists, teachers, innovators, inventors, collaborators, logical thinkers, and problem solvers. Careers include: Pre-Med, Veterinarian, Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineer and Electrical Engineer.

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Social Science & Education

Students interested in teaching would chose this pathway.  There are specific degrees for Early Childhood and Education and degrees include an observation course.  Careers include: Day Care Director, Elementary School Teacher, High School Teacher.

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Transfer programs

Programs designed for transfer to baccalaureate degree programs in four-year colleges and universities.

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