Background check and drug screen

Prior to submitting an application to the PTA pathway, student must obtain results of a background check and drug test.  We use CastleBranch, formerly known as CertifedBackground.

Purchasing the background check

Please visit CastleBranch to register and purchase the Germanna package.

Purchase code

Applicants to the PTA pathway should purchase the background check and drug test using the following code:


Upon acceptance to the program, students will purchase the Document Manager, using the following code:


Order placement

During order placement you will be asked for personal identifying information needed for security or compliance purposes. Supplying accurate and comprehensive information is important to the speed in which your order is completed. The email address you use when placing your order will become your username for your CastleBranch account and will be the primary form of communication for alerts and messages.


Questions about this process should be directed to the PTA program director.