Message from the President

Germanna Community College is in the business of hope—but hope alone is not a plan.

Our students may or may not come to us with a realistic dream. Either way, we have the career services and counseling to help them define that dream. Over the last few years we have sharpened our focus on providing better support for entering students through our expanded orientation and welcome services;  for students seeking employment and/or transfer through our new Career and Transfer Center; and by opening a Veterans’ Center to given veteran students a one-stop place for all their needs.

Students need the programs and courses that lead to jobs, directly through degrees and credentials as well as indirectly through transfer.  But a credential is useful only if we further foster the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful in life and work. So we have focused on Life and Employability Skills across the curriculum. Indeed, our proposed five-year Quality Enhancement Plan seeks to improve problem-solving regardless of the student’s career goal.

Those Life and Employability Skills are the same habits need to be successful in the college classroom. In the past year we have renewed our focus on student success, on helping students define clear paths through Germanna and into their future, whether immediately into a career or through effective transfer to a university. Our Student Success Coaches have no other job than working with students at greatest need.

The spotlight is on community colleges everywhere to help more students succeed, to help them earn degrees and credentials that matter in the workplace while leaving college with low or no debt. So we thank the Assembly of Virginia and the Governor for their major new investment in noncredit workforce credentials which will allow us to reduce the costs of those programs.  And we thank donors, local governments, and businesses for helping us surpass the goals our Educational Foundation’s first ever Major gifts/Capital Campaign, raising over $12,000,000.

Germanna has to be near where the learner is, whether through online courses or services, offering dual enrollment in high schools, providing customized training at the job site, offering programs in Coffeewood Prison, as well as at our permanent or leased campuses and centers now located in Culpeper, Orange, Stafford and now Caroline County and the City of Fredericksburg.

We are planning to build a cutting-edge health care education facility at our original Campus in Locust Grove.  We have opened our new Workforce Center in Carmel Church thanks to the investment of Caroline County. And, thanks to the investment of Fredericksburg City and its Economic Development Authority, we are planning to open the Fredericksburg Center for Advanced Technology which will proved apprenticeship training, technical education, and a maker space in the City.

Among our other successes in the past year:   

  • Launching the Gladys P. Todd Academy for first generation high school students started this fall with a $2 million donation from philanthropist Doris Buffett
  • Becoming one of 44 colleges across America to be part of an experimental Pell grant program that could spread our Gladys P. Todd Academy Early College concept across the country
  • Becoming one of 38 colleges across the country that are part of a pilot program that creates pathways to degrees without textbook costs through open resources
  • Receiving a $1 million donation by Adam and Rhonda Fried towards an expanded leased center in Stafford
  • Partnering with VDOT and the Virginia Asphalt Association to develop Asphalt Technology training and apprenticeships to serve the entire Commonwealth
  • Opening a new Caroline County Center at which workforce training is being offered.

The Commonwealth needs people with the skills to fill good jobs and boost the economy for everyone. We are committed to helping close the gap between the credentials and skills of the workforce and the needs of employers and society. That involves much more than preparing students for careers. It requires preparing them to be good citizens.

We are proud to be your Community College. And every day we recommit ourselves to our mission of providing accessible, high quality educational and training opportunities that address our communities’ diverse and changing learning needs.


Dr. David A. Sam, President

Statement on Commitment to Diversity