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Leadership Academy

The President’s Leadership Academy was developed in the Fall of 2010 to recognize and develop leadership at all levels of the College. Employees are nominated based upon their dedication to the College and their demonstrated evidence of leadership or potential for leadership. The Academy focuses on understanding the College, its environment and communities, how it works, and on professional development of academy members. Participants are given a leadership characteristic assessment which provides a self-understanding of leadership, organizational skills and team work. Each academy class is divided into teams and asked to work on internal service learning projects to 1) apply what they are learning and 2) give back to the College.

Class of 2016

leadership academy 2016
Front Row (left to right): Sandra Haynes, Laurie Daigle, Gayle Robinson, Sharon Williams and Lauren Foster. Second Row (left to right): Alicia Landes, Tamara Remhof and Sandra Lovell. Third Row (left to right): Lisa Grundy, Robin Parker, Joyce Warnacut and Anne Sexton. Back Row (left to right): David Marsich, James Crawford and Eric Vanover.

Class of 2015

leadership academy 2015
Left to Right: Kelley Smith Lloyd, Carrie Lowry Hibbs, Teresa Marcus, Sunithi Gnanadoss, Dr. David Sam, Melba Morrozoff, Nnamdi Small, Carolyn Pevey, and Brenda Dixon.


Class of 2014

leadership academy 2014
(Left to right) Mary Cullinan, Melissa Lindsay, Jim Ulrich, Nancy Smith, Marcie Corbin, Jennifer Elks, Heather Cannova, Jillian Noel, Marlana Thomas, Ruth Bueter, Ruth Fugee, and Mark Strickler.

Class of 2013

leadership academy 2013
(Left to right) Michelle Beverage, Maury Brown, Kimberly Rodenberg, Kimberly Viarella, Frank Ransom, Davyda Hammond, Miguel Lechuga, Subhashchandra Veeramachaneni, and Trudy Witt