Recognition awards

President’s Recognition of Excellence Award

The President’s Recognition of Excellence Award recognizes employees who consistently go above and beyond every day – caring about our students and living our mission, being proactive, taking the initiative, and doing more than is asked of. Faculty, staff and students may nominate employees.  Nominations should contain testimonials in each of the following areas:

Mission, Values, Passion for Learning and Teaching, Integrity, Culture of Service, Excellence, Professionalism, Stewardship,  Respect, and Vision.

One winner is selected annual from each of the following categories:

Full-time Faculty, Part-time Faculty, Administrative Faculty, Classified Staff, and Wage Employees

To acknowledge their hard work, each winner receives $1,000 and their name is listed on a plaque located at each campus.

2016 winners

  • Full-Time Faculty: Mirela Fetea
  • Administrative Faculty: Mark Haines
  • Part-Time Faculty: Laura Lacey
  • Classified Staff: Becky Morris
  • Part-Time Staff: Carly Scogin Lunn

2016 recognition award winners group photo

2015 winners

  • Part-Time Faculty: Hugh Teller
  • Full-Time Faculty: Lisa Murphy
  • Part-Time Staff: Juanita Kimmel
  • Administrative Faculty: Bob Dixon
  • Classified Staff: Ann Alizio

2015 recognition award winners group photo

2014 winners

  • Full-Time Faculty: Gerald Miller
  • Part-Time Faculty: Voytek Dolinski
  • Administrative Faculty: Pam Frederick
  • Classified Staff: Jeff Yowell
  • Part-Time Staff: Charlene Nibblins

2013 winners

  • Full-Time Faculty: Cheryl Huff
  • Part-Time Faculty: Tina Lance
  • Administrative Faculty: Paula Gentry
  • Classified Staff: Michelle Norton
  • Part-Time Staff: Nick Morgan

2013 recognition award winners group photo

2012 winners

  • Full-Time Faculty: Patricia Parker
  • Part-Time Faculty: Angela Hoopes
  • Administrative Faculty: Ann Lyons
  • Classified Staff: Garland Fenwick
  • Part-Time Staff: Melissa Lindsay

2012 recognition award winners group photo

2011 winners

  • Full-Time Faculty: Don Frank
  • Part-Time Faculty: Bonnie Dixon
  • Administrative Faculty: Martha O’ Keefe
  • Classified Staff: Tina Parker
  • Part-Time Staff: Donna Alexander

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