Closings & Emergency Alerts

e2campusNew technology is allowing campuses around the country to contact students in case of emergency, including weather-related events. Germanna has a new, state-of-the-art communication system in place to notify you instantly.  

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If you feel the above inclement weather status may not be updated yet, please verify by checking the radio and television stations listed below.

Virginia’s weather can be unpredictable and may require the College to close or delay opening. If a delay announcement is made, that delay is based on 8:00AM opening time. For example, a two hour delay means a 10:00AM opening time.

For additional information, please see the Inclement Weather Policy. The College uses the following radio and television stations to announce decisions regarding opening or closing, generally by 6:00AM for day classes, and by 4:00PM for evening classes.

Radio Stations

WFLS/WYSK/WWUZ93.3 FM/99.3 FM/96.9 FMFredericksburg, VA
WBQB/WFVA101.5 FM/1230 AMFredericksburg, VA
WGRQ95.9 FMFredericksburg, VA
WGRX104.5 FMFredericksburg, VA
WJMA103.1 FMCulpeper, VA
WINC92.5 FMWinchester, VA
WRVANews Radio 1140Richmond, VA
WTOP103.5 FM / 820 AMWashington, DC

Television Stations

StationChannelCityMore Info
WRCChannel 4Washington, DC 
WJLAChannel 7Washington, DC 
WTVRChannel 6Richmond, VA 
WRICChannel 8Richmond, VA 
WUSAChannel 9Washington, VAChannel 9 Cancellations/Closings
WWBTChannel 12Richmond, VA 
WCAVChannel 19 (CBS)Charlottesville, VA 
WVAWChannel 16 (ABC)Charlottesville, VA 
WAHUChannel 27Charlottesville, VA