SAILS: Early Alerts

About Sails

sails logoStudent Assistance and Intervention for Learning Success (SAILS): Early Alert is a program of intervention and follow-up for students identified as having academic difficulties early in the semester. The program provides feedback from instructors and advisors to help students investigate and implement student support services and other recommended actions that will help them succeed.

SAILS: Early Alert is designed to:

  • Provide faculty with a method to identify at risk students.
  • Address difficulties that interfere with student success.
  • Refer students to appropriate college resources.
  • Assist students in becoming academically successful.
  • Form a collaboration between faculty and campus student services to provide an effective system of intervention to improve student retention and success.
  • Provide all faculty members with the opportunity to participate in the SAILS program.

SAILS: Early Alert Resources

SAILS resources and links for Germanna Community College faculty, staff, advisors and students can be found below.

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