Student Development

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Student Development provides comprehensive programs and services which support and promote student academic, interpersonal, and career development. We ensure that students have the appropriate level of support to successfully manage the challenges they encounter as they pursue academic success. Our staff are committed to providing an array of support services, programs, and co-curricular learning opportunities to all students, so that they can be successful and resilient both inside and outside the classroom. Student Development is involved in the creation and implementation of policies and procedures that impact students. The Dean of Student Development also handles Student Conduct concerns complaints, investigations, and appeals. A Catalog and Student Handbook is provided as a guide and to ensure that students understand their rights and responsibilities.

Student Policies

Below are some of the policies and procedures you may need as a student.   For a complete list of all college policies and procedures please see the Catalog and Student Handbook.

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Other Resources

Student Ombudsperson
Serves as a resource to students who seek to share a concern or complaint or have questions about college policies. The Student Ombudsperson can advise students in navigating college policy and procedures. The Student Ombudsperson can provide assistance to student seeking to informally resolve a concern.   The Student Ombudsperson is not involved in any final decisions impacting student concerns. If you need assistance; please contact the Student Ombudsman, Alicia Landes at
Threat Assessment Team
The Germanna Community College Threat Assessment Team seeks to improve the safety and security of the campus and its sites through a multidisciplinary approach to identifying, managing, intervening, and monitoring persons and situations that may poses a threat to self or others, or exhibits significantly disruptive behavior or need for assistance to maintain the safety of the college community. The team is committed to early intervention to prevent violence and provide support and resources to persons referred to the team that may need help and intervention. The team also fosters a culture of reporting threats across the campuses and provides meaningful training for faculty and staff at the college.  The Threat Assessment Team is composed of Administrators, Counselors, Campus Police, and other staff members.
Student conduct violations, threats, or concerning behavior may be reported on TIPS.  TIPS is not a 911 or emergency reporting site. Report Incident
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