Basic Rider Course (BRC)

The motorcycle rider course, known as the Basic Rider Course (BRC), is a complete, hands-on course of instruction for individuals that would like to obtain a motorcycle endorsement who are 15 1/2 years old and up and motorcycle street riders that need to obtain an endorsement.

Basic Rider Course Information

Basic Rider Course II

The Basic Rider Course II (BRC II) is for riders with some riding experience who wish to review skills and practice in a safe, controlled environment. 

Basic Rider Course II Information

Jump Start Training

Jump Start is designed for those who have never ridden a motorcycle or for those who have attempted a BRC, but need more time to master basic motorcycle control skills.

Jump Start Training Information

Become A CDL Driver!

We know that professional development and current licensing is of utmost importance to you. To meet your professional development needs, we actively partner with authorizing state agencies and vendors to bring you the most current training programs in transportation.

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“The instructors are excellent, very knowledgeable, very nice laid back guys committed to teaching you to drive like a professional.”

From Basic Rider Course

“The trainers are very helpful and supportive; they have great attitudes and patience for beginners. I would recommend this course to everyone!”

From Basic Rider Course

“I wanted to thank you all for being so professional, and taking the time out to teach new riders. I will be one of those old woman bikers . . . you see on the road. I never knew how much I would love to ride . . . and it’s just an awesome experience!”