Workforce Credentials Grant (WCG) – FAQ’s

Workforce Credentials Grant (WCG) Tuition Assistance

Germanna Community College Center for Workforce & Community Education offers Workforce Credentials Grant (WCG) tuition assistance for select courses leading to industry certification.  Through WCG, individuals registering for and successfully completing the WCG-approved course will pay only 1/3 of the full course tuition cost.

What is Workforce Credentials Grant (WCG) tuition assistance?

WCG tuition assistance is authorized by the VA legislature, and is designed to improve a student’s access to high-demand workforce credentials.  The tuition assistance dramatically reduces the students’ usual class tuition costs, and improves an individual’s access to in-demand skills and access to becoming more competitive jobs in today’s workplace.

GCC noncredit programs currently approved for WCG tuition assistance funding (as of February 2017):

  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
  • IT Essentials 1: PC/A+ Cert
  • Core Craft Skills
  • Asphalt Field Level 1
  • Asphalt Field Level 2
  • Asphalt Plant Level 1
  • Asphalt Plant Level 2
  • Asphalt Surface Treatment
  • Asphalt Slurry Surfacing
  • Work Zone Flagger

Who may take advantage of WCG tuition assistance?

  • Individual students registering for WCG classes; and
  • Individual students for whom their employer pays for their WCG class tuition; and
  • Businesses that would like us to create or schedule a WCG class specifically for their employees

WCG Eligibility requirements: 

  • To be eligible for WCG tuition assistance funds, each student must:
    • Be a resident of VA (have approved domicile).
    • Pay the 1st third of the course tuition by credit card or e-check.
    • Provide social security number upon registration, and e-sign the online promissory note agreeing to pay the 2nd third of the tuition if the class is not completed.
    • Attend and successfully complete the course.
    • Take the course certification test and provide GCC Workforce staff with a copy of the certification.
    • Pay for the certification course themselves, if the cost of the certification is not included in the course tuition.

 How to register for a WCG course?

  • Individual students:
    • Visit; if you don’t already have a “Student Profile” click on LOGIN/CREATE ACCOUNT link and set up your profile.
    • Click on “All Classes” link; search for your WCG class.
    • Select the class offering that includes “WC Grant Funded” in the class title.
    • For your selected class, click “Add to Cart.” You’ll then be directed to e-sign the promissory note, including the domicile information. Once you’ve e-singed these forms, your 1/3 tuition price will appear in your check-out cart. Pay for the course (1/3 of the usual course tuition) by credit card or e-check.
    • Notes: Student social security numbers are required when registering for a WCG tuition assistance class.  All Center for Workforce & Community Education policies apply to WCG classes, as well.
  • Individual students for whom their employer pays for their WCG class tuition:
    • Follow all steps outlined above.
    • When submitting tuition payment, employer may enter credit card or e-check info.
    • Contact us at (540) 891-3012 with any questions.
  • For businesses wishing to set up a WCG class specifically for their employees:
    • Contact us at (540) 891-3012 and we’ll be pleased to coordinate this for you.

WCG Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What if I don’t, or can’t, register for my class online, can I still get the WCG tuition price? 

You may call our office at (540) 891-3012 for assistance in registering over the phone.

Why do I have to be a resident for Va. in order to get WCG Scholarship tuition assistance?

Va. domicile is a requirement of each student seeking WCG tuition assistance.  If you are not domiciled in Va., you are not eligible for WCG tuition assistance.  However, if you are not domiciled in Va. you may still sign up and register for the full-tuition class section.

Why do I have to sign a promissory note to get WCG scholarship assistance? Or, what if I don’t want to sign the promissory note?  

The Va. Legislature has designated WCG tuition assistance for Va. residents, and to improve the economy in the Commonwealth of Va. Students who do not wish to sign the promissory note, or who are not Va. residents, may still take the course by enrolling in the full-tuition class section.

What happens if I don’t complete/pass my class?

In this situation, WCG tuition assistance guidelines require that the student pay for the second third of the usual course tuition.

Will there always be WCG Scholarship tuition assistance? 

At this time, WCG tuition assistance has been approved for the period July 2016 – June 2017, and is based on the availability of funding.  Funding has been set aside for WCG by Va. Legislature, and it will be available until the funding stream has been depleted.  Additional funds may be allocated in the future.

WCG requires that I provide GCC Workforce staff with a copy of my certification.  How do I do that?

Call us at (540) 891-3012 for information on submitting a copy of your certification.

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